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A New York auto insurance quote is the first step needed to find the best rates and coverage for yourself and your vehicle.  Since auto insurance is required by law in the state of New York the process of getting quotes from several providers will give you a lot of information on the types of policies and coverage available.  Your New York car insurance quote will allow you to stay legal at a price you can afford. 

Meet Minimum Requirements With A New York Auto Insurance Quote 

New York requires minimum insurance coverage in order to legally drive in the state.  Here is a quick reference of what is required by law in regards to auto insurance in New York state:

  • 25/50/10 coverage with 25/50 uninsured motorist limits.
  • Paper and electronic verification presented to the NY Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • No Fault system, insurance company must pay injury claims up to a certain limit.
  • Insurance coverage is required on any vehicle registered in New York state even if it is not in use or in use in another state.
  • Insurance company must be authorized to do business in New York.
  • Insurance company must be licensed by the New York State Insurance Department.
  • Insurance must be in the registered persons name.
  • Vehicle tags must be turned into the DMV if not covered by insurance. 

Avoid Suspension With A New York Car Insurance Quote 

If you fail to comply with the law you will face stiff penalties.  The penalties for not having insurance coverage are fines and suspension of your license plates and drivers license.  There are no exceptions.

You must have auto insurance coverage on any vehicle registered in your name or you will face penalties.  Immediately upon termination of your insurance coverage you registration is suspended.

In addition, you must turn in your license plates to the DMV immediately upon termination of your insurance.  If you do not, your registration will be suspended for the number of days past your insurance termination that you fail to turn in your license plates.  If you fail to turn them in for 90 days then your driver’s license is also suspended.  

New York Auto Insurance Quote Points To Remember 

When you are getting quotes you need to remember certain points so that you can get the most use from the quotes.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Understand the type of rate quote you are getting.  This will stop you from trying to compare a monthly quote to a six month quote which will not allow you to really see what the policies are going to cost you.
  • Make sure that you are getting a quote on the same policy from different companies.  This means make sure you are requested a quote for the same limits and terms.
  • Be honest when you are filling out quote requests.  Do not omit information or try to stretch the truth because the company will find out and you will not be getting an accurate quote. 

Save Money With A New York Car Insurance Quote 

Getting an auto insurance quote will help you to save money.  If you just go and get a policy from the first company you contact you will not know if you could have gotten a better deal.

In your search for quotes you may even find insurance companies and discounts that you didn’t even know about.  Shopping around will allow you to find those companies that you may not have considered otherwise and you may just find one of those companies can give you the best coverage.

Getting multiple quotes from several companies increases your chances of getting the most coverage at the best rates. 

How To Get A New York Auto Insurance Quote 

You can get NY auto insurance quotes from a variety of companies quickly and easily using our quote tool.  Our tool will allow you to get multiple quotes by only having to input your information one time. You do not have to call around or travel anywhere.

Why not take a moment to go to the free box above and find the New York auto insurance quote that will meet your needs right now?

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