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New York auto insurance is a requirement for any person who has a vehicle registered in the state of New York by law.  This legal requirement is taken very seriously and it is important that you make sure you comply completely with the New York law about auto insurance.

The auto insurance companies work with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure that you are legally covered.  However, it is your ultimate responsibility to make sure that you have the proper auto insurance under New York law.

Use the information below to ensure that you both meet the legal requirement and your own needs for auto insurance in New York then when you are finished be sure and use our free New York car insurance quote tool to save yourself some money! 

New York Auto Insurance Company 

You will find many choices in New York auto insurance companies.  There are private insurers, large companies and independent agents.  You need to choose the company that offers you what you need.

What you need is a combination of coverage, cost and service.  You want a company that will be able to legally offer you coverage in the state of New York.  You also want a company that offers you a good price.  Lastly, you want a company that gives you great service.

Your insurance company is your partner is staying legal to drive in New York, so you have to feel good about your choice. 

New York Auto Insurance Policy 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you understand your NY car insurance policy.  You should always ask questions if you do not understand anything in your policy.

It is important to pay attention to exceptions and terms of your policy that could limit or restrict your coverage.  It is also important to understand the minimum legal requirements and make sure that your coverage meets them.

You should always understand your policy completely.  Your insurance provider should also be willing to explain anything unclear to you should you have questions.  If they can not give you answers or you do not feel comfortable with the policy then you should continue shopping around.

New York Auto Insurance FAQ 

You likely will have a lot of questions when it comes to your auto insurance and shopping for auto insurance.  Here are some common questions that you may have and their answers:

  1. What are the minimum legal requirements in New York for auto insurance coverage?  The minimum requirement is a 25/50/10 policy with 25/50 uninsured and underinsured limits.
  2. How do I prove I have insurance coverage?  When you register a vehicle you have to show paper proof of your insurance coverage.  Additionally, your insurance company must send an electronic proof of insurance to the DMV.
  3. What happens if I do not have insurance coverage?  The minute your auto insurance is terminated you must turn in your license plates to the DMV.  Your registration is immediately suspended.
  4. What penalties do I face for not having insurance?  You can face suspension of your license plates and drivers license.  You may also be subject to fines.
  5. How can I avoid suspension of my license plates and drivers license?  The only way to avoid suspension is to turn in your license plates as soon as your insurance coverage ends, meaning the day before it is terminated.
  6. Do I have to turn in my license plates any time my insurance coverage lapses? In most cases yes you do, but there is also the option of paying a civil penalty fine instead of turning in your tags.
  7. Do I have to have insurance on a vehicle that is registered in New York but that is broken down and unusable? Yes, all vehicles registered in New York must have valid insurance in New York.  You can surrender your license plates to the DMV until the car is fixed to avoid having to keep coverage, though. 

New York Auto Insurance Rates 

New York car insurance rates are determined by a few different factors.  Some of the factors are things you can control and others are not.

Some of the factors used to determine insurance rates that you can not control are:

  1. geographical location
  2. age
  3. gender
  4. years licensed

Some of the factors used to determine insurance rates that you can control are:

  1. your credit record
  2. your driving record

You should always shop around to get the best rates because you will find rates differ from company to company.  The reason for this is that companies use their own standard of setting rates.

Some companies, for example, may not consider credit which can be rather beneficial if you have a bad credit record.  This company would give you a lower rate then a company that gives more weight to your credit record.

This is a good example of why shopping around is the best way to get cheap rates on your NY car insurance. 

Cheap New York Car Insurance 

As mentioned, shopping around is the best way to get cheap auto insurance.  When you shop around you are able to see what is out there.  You will quickly get an idea of the low and high range of rates for you.

Everyone gets different rates because the system of determining them is based on a combination of general and personal factors.  What your insurance may costs could be a couple hundred dollars more than what your best friend pays simply due to the factors used.

Additionally, as mentioned, no two companies are going to give you the same rate due to the differences in the methods used to figure rates.  Companies may also have discounts that can offer you, which also varies from company to company.

The only way to know what rate offers are out there for you is to shop around.  This way you will find the lowest rate you can get and you will be able to save some money with cheap NY auto insurance. 

Shop For New York Car Insurance Quotes Now! 

When you are shopping around for your NY auto insurance you will start by getting quotes.  A quote is basically the price the company will charge you for auto insurance coverage. It’s a good idea to get quotes from a minimum of 3 providers so that you can compare rates and find the best deal.

To get a quote you will give the company some personal information and answer some questions about your vehicle, where you live and your driving record.  You will need to do this for each company. Make sure that you provide the same, accurate information to each company.

You can save time by using the free quote tool on this page which allows you to answer all these questions one time and get quotes from a variety of different companies.  It will save you time and help you get quotes quickly and easily. Why not get started with your New York auto insurance quote right now?

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