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Finding a New York auto insurance company is something you have to do if you have a vehicle registered in the state.  It is important to remember that each insurance company is required to be authorized to sell auto insurance in New York in order for them to be able to offer you coverage.  Use the information on this page to choose an auto insurance company in NYS that has the reputation, rates, and coverage options that are ideal for you. 

New York Auto Insurance Company: The Role Of The Agent 

When searching for the best New York car insurance company it is important to know the difference between the insurer and the agent.  However, it is also importance to know that the differences are more about customer service then about rates because both will usually offer you similar rates.

Here are some features of dealing with an insurer:

  1. You are dealing with a large company that can easily be reached, usually 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. There is usually a computer based system that makes getting answers to questions simple and quick.
  3. You may not always be able to speak with the same person every time you contact the company.

Here are some features of dealing with an agent:

  1. You may not be able to contact your agent after regular business hours.
  2. The agent may not have a computer based system that is hooked into the insurers system so getting answers may take longer.
  3. You will have personal attention from one agent. 

There are no right or wrong answers on which option is best. Some people prefer to work directly with the NY auto insurance company of their choice while others like having an agent that can give them personal attention. You truly need to look at what you want to get out of the situation to figure out what’s best for you. 

How To Choose A New York Auto Insurance Company 

You want to choose a good insurance company because you want to know that they are offering you good, reliable coverage.  You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the company and that you feel you can trust them to handle your insurance needs.

Some things to look for are:

  1. Good record with the Better Business Bureau
  2. Good ratings with A.M. Best (“A-” or better)
  3. No financial problems in the company
  4. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
  5. Easy contact methods
  6. Varied payment options
  7. Superior claims handling
  8. Clearly explained terms and conditions of your policy
  9. Licensed to do business in New York
  10. Licensed with the New York State Insurance Department 

By choosing a good company you will be assured that when you need help that you will get it and that your money is going towards coverage that will be there if you need it. 

The Importance Of A New York Auto Insurance Company For Drivers 

Choosing the right NY car insurance company is very important.  You want to choose an insurance company that you can trust because otherwise you could end up in trouble.

A bad company could cause you financial and legal problems.  (Try looking at ratings from independent auditors like Moody’s or A.M. Best to determine a strong company.) They may not pay claims or they may not comply with state law – both of which can really cause you problems.

Making a good choice in an auto insurance company will help you to be sure that you will have coverage and that the company will comply with all legal requirements. 

Save Money With A New York Auto Insurance Company 

Saving money is all about finding the right company.  There is a perfect company for each driver out there, but you have to find your perfect company by shopping around. The only way you will be able to find the insurance company that can give you everything you need is to get quotes from a variety of companies.  You can find the best rate and then start contacting the companies that offer the best rates.

Once you get quotes it is very important that you contact the company.  This will allow you to get a feel for their customer service and help you decide if the company is a right fit for you. 

Get Quote From A New York Auto Insurance Company 

As mentioned, you start your search for NY auto insurance by getting insurance quotes.  You do not have to call around or travel around to different companies to get quotes.

With our free quote tool you will be able to get quotes from a variety of insurance companies quickly and easily.  All you do is fill out one form and your information is sent out to different companies.  Then you just wait for the quotes so you can compare them and find the New York auto insurance company that is right for you.

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